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What We Do
Help companies with the 5 Ps  - People, Processes, Performance, Protection and Profits.
Managing your workplace and employees today can be challenging.  Laws are constantly changing, employees require more, business challenges continually to present themselves, employment litigation is at an all time high, and managers are not always equipped to handle the many opportunities they face.  

Need help keeping your business strong and sustainable?  Excel HR can help you reach your highest potential by improving your people, performance and profits.  We have over 25 years of experience in the human resource field and we customize your HR programs to fit your company's specific culture and needs.
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Top Services Requested
Our team can help you
  1. HR Start Up Advice
    Whether you want to start up an HR function or improve the department you have, we partner with you to help your business reach its full potential. We can build your HR infrastructure from the ground up.
  2. Compensation
    Paying talent right is the best way to attract and retain your employees. With labor costs being most companies largest expense it is important to manage these costs. We provide compensation analyses, design pay structures, ensure incentives plans motivate, and participate in market surveys on your behalf.
  3. Handbooks & Policies
    Providing an employee handbook lays the foundation of work expectations and rules for employees. It is one of the most vital documents of communication that employers have. Get your employee handbook written today. We also write policy and procedure manuals for your processes.
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HR Audits
Attracting and retaining the right talent is key to your company's success.  We can help you source, interview and select candidates who are the best fit for your organization by designing a customized recruiting process or through dedicated sourcing.
Our HR audits provide a comprehensive review of your HR policies, procedures, practices and strategies to identify gaps and find solutions.  An audit helps to avoid legal and regulatory liability that may result from an organization’s practices.  From reviewing your employment processes, to the implementation of your strategic plan, to understanding turnover, a human resource audit will benefit your company by helping you to understand if your HR practices are positively impacting or hindering your business goals and results.
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