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We want to be your trusted source for managing your workplace!
Excel HR Consulting, LLC provides businesses with innovative human resource solutions and programs. Whether you want to start up an HR department or get interim support for HR vacancies, we partner with you to fulfill your workplace and employee needs. 

Excel HR was originally founded to startup human resources for companies who did not have HR departments. We have quickly grown into a trusted source for all of your HR needs from workplace compliance to payroll implementation to strategic planning.

If your company cannot support an in-house HR department, we have partnership programs that allow you to have an HR presence for a fraction of what hiring an HR Manager would cost.

Help businesses perform to their highest potential by improving 
their people, performance, and profits.

Become the region's #1 HR consulting source for small to mid-size businesses.

Add Client Value
Show Integrity
Strive for Excellence
Promote Profitability
Build Trust
Deliver Improvement
Demonstrate Competence
Pursue Innovation
Foster Development


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