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  1. Paul, VP |Anderson International Corp.
    Excel HR helped us to upgrade our HR department. The company created a comprehensive employee handbook, provided manager and employee training on harassment and discrimination, sourced and recruited new employees, investigated various employee relations issues, hired and trained an HR manager, and designed a performance evaluation process for our company. We have improved performance and engagement from our employees because of the work Excel HR did for us.
  2. Kimberly, HR Manager, Major Retail Co.
    If you are trying to build your HR department, Excel HR is the right company for the job. They will ensure your company's policies and procedures are legally compliant with federal and state laws. Excel trains your staff how to run the department with best practices to shield your company from litigation.
  3. Frank, Former VP, Transtar Industries
    I witnessed a keen business acumen as she coached and developed managers. L.T. was an excellent business partner and I recommend her to help solve your HR needs.
  4. Barb, Owner, Flex HR
    L.T. (owner) was constantly developing new and highly effective processes and procedures. She was known as the "go to" person when it came to investigating extremely difficult employee relations issues.
!No HR Department, No Problem
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